Into March, into Memphis – by Anna

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Greetings all Chateau Nowhere lovers. Austin Fusion magazine has just published an article about us. Thanks to Lars Wolfshield and Clayton Hodges for that.

Wednesday’s gig at the Soundpony in Tulsa, OK was fantastic. A crowd of music-lovers and a bunch of guys who work in a state-of-the-art recording studio which is a converted church. They offered to show us the studio and use it at a place to stay for the night. We went along willingly of course, and some jamming was done before we hit the sack. The equipment and instruments were pretty incredible.


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Thursday in Lawrence, Kansas was pretty great too. Driving through Kansas, everything looked like the beginning of the Wizard of Oz. As soon as we headed North, the snow built up. We played at the Replay Lounge – voted by the Rolling Stones as one of the top 50 venues in America! A nice scene, a nice crowd. Friday we headed up the road to Kansas City to play at a house party. Icicles lined the house and brownish snow was waiting at the side of the street to melt. There was a bunch of great musicians there and it was great for networking. The band took up half the space in the living room, but we turned down our amps from their usual volume and everything was fine. No windows broken.
We headed east across snowy Missouri. The Schlafly Tap Room, Saint Louis, was on the menu for Saturday night. Good atmosphere for a Saturday night and thanks to a posting on the Couchsurfing website, a large amount of the Saint Louis Community came along for the ride. We enjoyed performing to a massive crowd. A lot of people were out for Saturday night in this massive bar/restaurant complex.
Today we are heading south and looking forward to some warmer temperatures. Tonight – Memphis! See you at the Poplar Lounge!

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