February 22 – San Antonio – by Anna

Here we are in Granbury, Texas, welcomed by our lovely hosts Steve and Kathy. They prepared us a wonderful meal helping us to prepare for tonight’s show at The Dock which is a bar/restaurant floating on the water. This is a small town with a large retired population seeking peace and quiet from the busy cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. So, we don’t quite know what to expect tonight! Anyway, I have a feeling it’ll be great. Thanks to all the support of many great people and the general spirit of musicianship within the group, we are going from strength to strength. Philippe, Will and Zach are absolute legends, an effortlessly cool, talented group of lads. Here is a picture of them picking me up. You can see I was enjoying it more than they were!

Bearing Anna 1








Last night’s show in San Antonio was not a disappointment – far from it. Again, there wasn’t a huge crowd but performing for a grateful few is satisfying. Songs like ‘Voodoo‘ and our finale song ‘Don’t Shoot the Rabbit‘ are maturing and becoming freer and more spontaneous as experience grows. These songs are a real pleasure to perform and the crowd lap them up. The doubts about where to come in, chord changes, lyrics, melody and timing are behind us. Chateau Nowhere is musically confident, having fun and making great music. Like every band, we are spurred on by the crowd and having more people in the audience can only be a good thing! See below a picture of me with our host Tom’s horse mask. I liked it but it was a little hard to breathe inside! My idea of starting the show wearing it and ripping it off the second before I start to sing was not warmly received by my bandmates…
photo 1a











What with chatting to the appreciative crowd, selling merchandise and enjoying the other acts…not to mention packing up the equipment…we got to our host Tom’s place pretty damn late. We woke up to a beautifully sunny day in San Antonio, then headed downtown to check out the world-famous Alamo and surrounding area. We were all charmed by a family of ducks which, interestingly, we all found considerably more interesting and enchanting than the crowded Alamo. “Our little communication with nature and the world” said Philippe.

photo 5











There may not be much ‘nature’ in our shows, but communicating with the world is one of our goals. Reaching the people who come and see us play. Making a connection with and through this quasi-mystical thing called music. The crystalline sound of the kantele, married with drums, bass and voice in a never-before-heard combination.  A treat for our audiences…and for us, of course.

Fire Exit 2



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