PHILIPPE BEER-GABEL is a French musician, performer and teacher.

Born and raised in Paris, he graduated with a Diploma in Swedish (Paris Sorbonne IV) and Film studies (Paris VIII). Music is Philippe’s first love. It is a domain in which he feels natural, bold and liberated. He has been composing and performing for the last ten years.

Philippe’s direction, style and vision was significantly influenced in 2007 after discovering an ancient instrument called the Kantele, an electric harp made of thirty-eight strings. Acoustically it sounds ethereal and magical. When amplified it sounds as though an orchestra resonates through each string. The Kantele’s unique sound gives a timeless and spiritual color to the Avant garde/pop music he is performing. He has been trained by world-renowned Kantele players including Eva Alkula, Vilma Timonen and Anna Karin Kohonen. Since 2011, Philippe has been endorsed by Koistinen Kantele, the primary developer of the instrument.

Philippe has successfully released two albums; two EP’s and has toured the U.S and Europe several times. General Bye Bye, his primary project is recognized by music critics as being a leader in well adopting the “do it yourself” model; producing, promoting, managing and touring on their own. Independent and institutional recording studios such as Radio France (Paris), Memphis University Recording Studio (Memphis) and The Church (Tulsa, Oklahoma) have sponsored him to record at their facilities. Recently, Philippe was awarded a grant to train with French music centers Manufacture Chanson and Le Coach. He has also been collaborating with gospel/avant-garde artist, Dorian Wood from Los Angeles and the Belgium Tana String Quartet.

Philippe’s music is a graceful turbulence combining indie pop, classical and experimental music giving birth to an innovative sound. His compositions paint an enchanting and thrilling musical landscape. A dramatic fusion of guitar, bass, drums, strings led by the soothing sounds of the Kantele.  His music with the Kantele provides new sonic possibilities for the development of the instrument both in terms of exposure and in terms of research. Philippe is an asset for the kantele community and the expansion of the instrument. (Hannu Koistinen)

Philippe is looking forward to releasing three of his latest works towards the end of 2013. General Bye Bye Voodoo EP, Château Nowhere Trying to Change the Mind of America EP and Feather Feather Rocketlauncher.